The history of Besini Winery starts in 2004 when the company owners came together in Tsinandali, Kakheti, and planted our first vineyards after selection of right soil and high quality vines, in order to harvest top quality grapes for our extraordinary wines.                    
In ancient Georgian, "Besini" means sacrificial wine, the wine that our ancestors made from their finest grapes and sacrificed to the Gods.
Besini Winery has been producing the finest wines for more than a decade, using Georgian endemic as well as world-famous grape varieties.
We make wine for true wine lovers! 
Besini Winery - our wine is our honour!
Our Vineyards
Our vineyards are located in one of the most fertile regions for viticulture in Georgia - Kakheti. 
Amid the vineyards lays our winery, equipped with cutting edge German and Italian winemaking equipment. Apart from the vineyards surrounding the winery, we also own several other land plots (400 ha in total), 220 ha out of which is already occupied by vineyards. 
By 2019, we plan to expand to our full capacity and further plant vineyards on the remaining land. 
Current production capacity of Besini Winery is 6 million bottles per annum.
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